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Our places to be: locations where colors and perspectives, lines and patterns, beauty and decay lead to new dimensions of visual seduction. A combination of human footprints and the force of nature results in our own poetic view on pieces of a sometimes concealed reality.

In our projects, we use our cameras not so much as picture-taking devices though more for the purpose of collecting data. Our work consists of composite imagery, where photographs are made and not taken. 

By digitally mixing each others photos, we create multiple layered artworks which show new colors and perspectives. We try to find the point where reality and fiction come together in a new magical world.

Although the essence of our series is based on deliberate choices, it is the process of unguided manipulation that characterizes the creation of our artworks. 

Currently we are working on the following  projects:

* AISLES: fantasy paths to somewhere.

* BAORI: forgotten Indian heritage put into new perspectives.

* COLOR BLOCKS: room for thought through simplicity.

* FACADE TWISTS: symphonies of building exteriors.

* TREES: showcase of the hidden colors and power of the emperors of nature.

* URBAN MIXES: impressions of city life.

* WORKX: places of work which are now at the mercy of natural elements.

Caroline Boogaard | Geert Jan Vollenbronck

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